Greatest Athlete In New York Sports History: Elite 8

Finally heading into the home stretch. These are eight of the greatest athletes in New York Sports history, chosen by you, to represent the Elite Eight. Here’s the updated bracket


Voting will conclude on Wednesday at midnight. Note: Voting for the last round ended at Saturday at 5:00. Since then, people have continued to vote and some of the results have changed. We kept the 5:00 deadline votes, ignoring any that occurred after. Also, the boroughs have nothing to do with the players. They’re the regions, like how the NCAA championship has.

Queens Championship- 1. New York Giant Lawrence Taylor vs 2. New York Yankee Mickey Mantle

Lawrence Taylor Career Highlights: NFL Hall of Famer, 13 seasons with the Giants, 10 Pro-Bowl and All-Pro selections, 1986 MVP, three-time Defensive Player of the Year, two-time Super Bowl Champion, 1981 Rookie of the Year, ranked as the third greatest NFL player of all time by, has his number 56 retired by the Giants. Second in franchise sack record with 132.5

Mickey Mantle Career Highlights: MLB Hall of Famer, 20 seasons with the Yankees, 20-time All-Star, seven-time World Series Champ, three-time AL MVP, 1956 triple crown winner, #7 retired by Yankees, 536 career home runs, second most in NYY history.

Taylor barely squeaked by into this round, grabbing 50.4% of the vote over Yogi Berra, who had a late push to make it close. Mantle though, took 71% of the votes to defeat Mark Messier. This should be a very contested battle.


Manhattan Championship: 1. Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson vs 2. New York Knick Patrick Ewing

Jackie Robinson career highlights: First ever African American MLB player, 10 seasons in Brooklyn 6 time all star, 1949 NL MVP, World Series champion, #42 retired by the MLB, .313 batting average, MLB Hall of Famer

Patrick Ewing career highlights: 16 seasons as a Knick, NBA Hall of Famer, #33 retired by Knicks, 11 time All Star, 2 time Eastern Conference Champion, franchise leader in games played, points, blocks, steals, and rebounds, 22.8 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 2.7 BPG, 1 time all NBA first team

Robinson dominated yet again, snagging 87% of the vote against Rod Gilbert. Ewing had 56% against fellow Knick legend Walt Frazier.


Brooklyn Championship: 1. New York Yankee Babe Ruth vs 3. New York Yankee Mariano Rivera

Babe Ruth Career Highlights: 15 seasons in New York, two-time All Star, 714 career home runs, #3 retired by Yankees, most home runs in franchise history, second in RBI, third most hits, four-time World Series champ, one-time AL MVP

Mariano Rivera Career Highlights: 19 seasons as a Yankee, #42 retired by Yankees, MLB All-Time saves leader, 13-time All-Star, 1999 WS MVP,  give-time Reliever of the Year award, 2.21 ERA

Ruth is continuing to have his way in this bracket, taking 65% of the vote against Derek Jeter. Rivera had a tougher time but pulled off the upset against Joe DiMaggio with 53% of the vote.


Bronx Championship: 1. New York Yankee Lou Gehrig vs 2. New York Jet Joe Namath

Lou Gehrig Career Highlights: 17 seasons, MLB Hall of Famer, #4 retired by Yankees, Yankee captain, seven-time All-Star, six-time World Series champion, franchise leader in RBI’s, second in hits, batting average, 1934 triple crown winner

Joe Namath Career Highlights: 10 seasons as a Jet, NFL Hall of Famer, Super Bowl III champion and MVP, #12 retired by Jets, five-time Pro Bowler, franchise leader in touchdowns and yards thrown

Gehrig defeated the Cinderella player Thierry Henry by taking 52% of the votes, and Namath also struggled but ultimately prevailed. He beat Tom Seaver with 53%.



3 thoughts on “Greatest Athlete In New York Sports History: Elite 8”

  1. Joe Namath wasn’t even that good. Take a look at his career stats. He is just immortalized for his level of celebrity as well as the ONE Super Bowl title he won for the Jets. He is also the only good QB in their history, so maybe that has something to do with it…


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