Greatest Athlete In New York Sports History: Final Four

60 out, four remain. The greatest player will soon be crowned. The winner of each of the four brackets has been decided, as we now move onto the final four.


Voting will end on Sunday, April 19th.

2. New York Yankee Mickey Mantle vs. 1. Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson

Mickey Mantle Career Highlights: MLB Hall of Famer, 20 seasons with the Yankees, 20-time All-Star, seven-time World Series Champ, three-time AL MVP, 1956 triple crown winner, #7 retired by Yankees, 536 career home runs, second most in NYY history.

Jackie Robinson career highlights: First ever African American MLB player, 10 seasons in Brooklyn 6 time all star, 1949 NL MVP, World Series champion, #42 retired by the MLB, .313 batting average, MLB Hall of Famer

Mantle is the only number two seed remaining after narrowly defeating Giants great Lawrence Taylor with 54% of the votes. Robinson knocked out the last remaining basketball player Patrick Ewing with 74%. These two were outstanding players and should have a nice battle for the championship round.

1. New York Yankee Babe Ruth vs 1. New York Yankee Lou Gehrig

Babe Ruth Career Highlights: 15 seasons in New York, two-time All Star, 714 career home runs, #3 retired by Yankees, most home runs in franchise history, second in RBI, third most hits, four-time World Series champ, one-time AL MVP

Lou Gehrig Career Highlights: 17 seasons, MLB Hall of Famer, #4 retired by Yankees, Yankee captain, seven-time All-Star, six-time World Series champion, franchise leader in RBI’s, second in hits, batting average, 1934 triple crown winner

Two of the greatest MLB players of all time. Ruth defeated Mariano Rivera with 86% of the vote while Gehrig took home 93% in a dominating effort against Joe Namath. This one surely will be closer.


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