Should the Jets Look to Trade Down?


As we are now less than two weeks away from the 2015 NFL draft, there have been many trade speculations going on throughout the league from the Tennessee Titans potentially trading their #2 overall draft pick for Pro Bowl Quarterback Philip Rivers to the unpredictable trade scenarios being speculated around the league involving two of the top QB prospects in the entire draft involving Oregon’s Marcus Mariota and Florida State’s Jameis Winston.

With different rumored interested teams in these two quarterbacks, it would be very unlikely for the Jets to land one of these quarterbacks without having to trade up. By doing so, this would cost them more draft picks than what they would be willing to give up. With this being said, if the Jets are unwilling to trade any of their draft picks to acquire a Mariota or a Winston, they should explore the option of possibly calling up different teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and see what kind of interest there is for the #6 overall selection.

AP Photo/David J. Phillip
AP Photo/David J. Phillip


Many mock draft indicate that the Jets will most likely end up drafting either one of the two top defensive ends in this years draft USC’s Leonard Williams or Missouri’s defensive end and I am not talking about Sheldon Richardson, Shane Ray. Both are incredible athletes that would do nothing other than bolster the Jets already stacked defense even more.

But with this being said, with an already stacked defense, would it really make sense to draft another defensive end like it almost seems that they do year after year with the incredible drafting of Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson. With the saying “you can never have enough”, it would not be a surprise if the Jets went that route again and drafted another standout prospect.

I still feel that willing to part ways with the sixth overall pick, might be the best route to go if you are the Jets. With teams that would love to have an upgrade at the defensive end position, there is still a feel that the Jets would be better off getting as many draft picks as they can. With a “win now “type team, the Jets should look to trade the sixth pick get as many picks as they can and possibly trade one or some of those picks to a team with a veteran quarterback. This would definitely help them compete with the rest of the top teams in the league going into the 2015 NFL season.


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