DraftPot, The Newest Leader In Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have blown up over the past few years. With this saw the creation of a new type of fantasy sport-daily leagues.

Daily leagues have become immensely popular throughout the country. The lack of a full year commitment and being able to re-choose your team every day is appealing, as well as being able to win cash payouts every day.

Hundreds of these sites have popped up, and Draftpot is one of the newest. Despite it being new, it’s still definitely one of the best.

One of the more unique features is the two modes it has, making it a fun experience for all. One is the traditional GM mode, where you have a salary cap to be aware of when creating your team. The unique one is fan mode, where you can create a dream team with no limitations at all.

Draftpot also has free rolls, where they pay their best winners who have free accounts. It’s an excellent site.

Us at New York Sports Hub are pleased to announce that you can sign up for an account with FREE credits! Enter the code NYSPORTSHUB when signing up and you will be awared free entires to win.

Whether you’re a first timer or a fantasy veteran, Draftpot is an excellent site to continue to play fantasy sports.


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