Breaking Down the Giants 2015 Schedule

With the NFL draft and workouts coming up soon, the NFL released the much anticipated full NFL 17 week schedule.

The New York Giants are coming off a very disappointing year in which they went 6-10, so every bit of news that gets us closer and closer to next season is positive, for now at least.

Their schedule is as follows

On first glance, the schedule does not appear to be brutally difficult like the Giants schedules were the past two seasons. They’re playing one of the weakest divisions in the NFC South, and besides the Patriots the AFC East is still filled with question marks, although it was the potential to be a very talented division. Their schedule is the 12th easiest with a .497 opponent winning percentage.

They also got lucky in terms of traveling and weather. They don’t play any games out west, and their toughest travel schedule would be a two game road trip in Tampa and New Orleans.

With weather, they’re playing the Bills in early October before it gets brutally cold. They then play the Bucs in November and Dolphins in December so they will avoid the scorching heat that teams sometimes have to deal with in September when traveling to South Florida.

Now time for the early predictions and more in depth analysis of each game.

Week 1 @ Dallas

For the third time in four years, the Giants will open up against the Dallas Cowboys on prime time. They were unsuccessful the first two times, and have struggled against Dallas lately, going 1-5 in the last three years against the ‘Boys. The Giants will still be meshing, and are not a good week one team. Don’t expect that to change here against a tough divisional opponent

Cowboys 31, Giants 27 (0-1)

Week 2 vs Atlanta.

The Falcons are coming off a 6-10 season, but still were in it until the end. They battled the Panthers in a win or go home game, where they got thrashed by Carolina to go home big losers. They didn’t really improve much, but they still boast an exciting offense with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White. The Giants have had success against Atlanta recently though, defeating them last season in on their 2011 Playoff run. Here they’ll win their home opener.

Giants 30, Falcons 24 (1-1)

Week 3 vs Washington

Last year when these two teams faced off on Thursday night, it was a massive success for the Giants. They won 45-14, embarrassing the ‘Skins on national television. This year, they’ll battle on the same night. The Giants really have had the Redskins number lately, winning the last 4 meetings and 7 out of the last 10. With all the uncertainty and holes the Redskins have, you shouldn’t expect that to really change this season.

Giants 34, Redskins 19 (2-1)

Week 4 at Buffalo

The new look Bills could be a very dangerous team this year. They went 9-7 last year, and they’re even better this year. Rex Ryan should work his magic on an already potent defense, and the addition of LeSean McCoy could help spark a bad offense. This could be the ultimate trap game for the Giants, playing in Buffalo. It won’t be an easy game, and the Bills amazing pass

AP Photo/Michael Perez
AP Photo/Michael Perez

rush could give Manning trouble all day, to the anger of Giants fans everywhere.

Bills 21, Giants 17 (2-2)

Week 5 vs San Francisco

In their third primetime game of the season already, the Giants battle a retooled 49ers squad. They’re surrounded with uncertainty, after a plethora of retirements, free agent loses, and a new head coach. It will be quite strange seeing the 49ers trot onto the field with no Frank Gore or Patrick Willis on the field. New coach Jim Tomsula is unproven, and Colin Kaepernick also is. After an awful game last season in which the Giants offensive line was a revolving door, expect them to comeback with a win this time around. The 49ers just aren’t very good anymore.

Giants 27, 49ers 17 (3-2)

Week 6 at Eagles

On a Monday night battle, the Giants face their long time rivals the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re a new look team, boasting the additions of DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews, Tim Tebow and Byron Maxwell (I feel like one of those names doesn’t belong). While ESPN is salivating at a potential Tebow sighting on their channel, this game means much more. It could swing the battle for divisional dominance, and with the Eagles being a very thought team to project, it could determine whether or not they’re for real. And the Giants also have questions, with they’re defense and offensive line. The Eagles have a dominant pass rush and Chip Kelly’s offense is always hard to stop. Being in Philly won’t help either. The Giants seem to always have a poor performance or two every year on national TV. This may be one of those games.

Eagles 36, Giants 20 (3-3)

Week 7 vs Cowboys

Surprisingly, the Giants and Cowboys will be done with one another before even the halfway mark of the season. This could be their most important early season matchup, as these two teams could be jockeying for playoff positioning later in the season. The Giants have been swept by their rivals for two consecutive seasons now, though they have come close to winning each time. This time they’ll finally break through and gain vengeance on Tony Romo and the Cowboys to leap ahead of .500.

Giants 35, Cowboys 27 (4-3)

Week 8 at Saints

The Saints aren’t the Saints of old anymore. Known for their high powered offense for about a decade now, they hit rock bottom last year, finishing out of the playoff picture in a year many though they could win it all. They completely retooled this offseason, trading away Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, and signing CJ Spiller to replace Pierre Thomas in the backfield. Their defense is also in shambles, and the Giants defense also has its holes so this very well could be a high scoring affair. While New Orleans is no longer the powerhouse they once were, the Superdome is still a brutally hard place to play in as long as Drew Brees is running the show. 

Saints 41, Giants 36 (4-4)

Week 9 at Buccaneers

This game could potentially be a bit of a test for the Giants, if Jameis Winston is drafted by the Bucs, and that seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. While Tampa will not be a playoff team unless something drastic happens, they also probably will not be a pushover either. With Winston at the helm and Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson leading the receiving corps, they could have a very potent passing attack. Their running game is a mess with Doug Martin, so that will be a help to the Giants disastrous rushing defense. They should win this one, but it will not be easy. They also will face them at a favorable time, out of the September time frame when Tampa is susceptible to extreme heat and torrential rain.

Giants 29, Buccaneers 24 (5-4)

Week 10 vs Patriots

This could potentially be a game of the year for the G-Men, facing off against their newest rivals, the New England Patriots. The Giants won their past three meetings against the Pats, including their two Super Bowl victories. The Giants passing attack actually could have a field day in this one. The Patriots lost dynamic cornerback duo of Darelle Revis and Brandon Browner,

Houston Chronicle.
Houston Chronicle.

leaving them thin at that position. The Giants also nabbed their top running back Shane Vereen, who will face off against his old teammates here. This one will be an incredibly tight and physical game. Both of these teams will desperately want to defeat the opponent, and it should be excellent to watch. Mark my words, the New York Giants will pull through and defeat Tom Brady for a fourth consecutive time.

Giants 23, Patriots 21 (6-4)

Bye Week

This is perfect timing for New York, as their Patriots battle should be a draining game due to the physical play.

Week 12 at Washington

The Giants will face Washington for the second time, and will have a chance to sweep them yet again. That trend should continue, with all the issues Washington has. This will catapult the Giants into a first place tie.

Giants 37, Redskins 24 (7-4)

Week 13 vs New York

The Giants-Jets rivalry is a rarely played one, only occurring every four years. It will be renewed this year, coming off a highly exciting game four seasons ago that jump started the Giants to play like a true Super Bowl contender. This year though, both teams are much different compared to last year, let alone four seasons ago. The Jets were a terrible team last season, but that will surely change this time around. They rebuilt their team, bringing back stud corner backs Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie to compliment an outstanding front 7. This will be an excellent match up between arguably the best CB in the league in Revis, and by this point Odell Beckham Jr. may establish himself as the top receiver in the game. The problem is with this game is the Jets matchup perfectly to counter the Giants strengths. A strong running game to overpower the Giants defense? Check. An excellent cornerbacking corps to cancel out the Giants receivers? Check. An intimidating D-Line to shut down the running game and pressure Eli? Check. I hate to admit this but this will not be easy for Big Blue.

Jets 23, Giants 18 (7-5)

Week 14 at Miami

The Giants did get a favorable schedule here, not having to go to Miami earlier and play them in September Miami heat which can often mess up many players games. Just ask Tom Brady. This Monday Night Football matchup will be pivotal to the Giants playoff hopes, but the same also can be said about Miami. They were a near playoff team last year, and this season they added Ndamakong Suh to a historically large contract. Ryan Tannehill is also expected to continue to develop, they could be a dangerous team this year. Again, the Giants seem to lay at least two eggs a year on nationally televised primetime games. Last season, it was against Detroit, Indy, and Philly. The season before, Dallas and Philly. This year, Miami could be one of those two games.

Dolphins 30, Giants 17 (7-6)

Week 15 vs Carolina

The Giants last played the Panthers in 2013, and got blown out 38-0. They will face off against the reigning AFC South champs in a late season matchup, that could either seal their fate as another non-playoff year, or a win could give them life to fight in the final two games. The Panthers are a gritty team led by Ron Rivea, but they are a bit shorthanded. Remember, they did go 7-8-1 last season which is not exactly your typical division winner. This should be an interesting late season matchup against two bubble teams who will have to fight for a playoff spot. The Giants will pull this one out though, as the Panthers simply are not a very talented team.

Giants 25, Panthers 20 (8-6)

Week 16 at Minnesota

USA Today

This could be the return of red Tom Coughlin face. A December match up in Minnesota will certainly bring a harsh winter temperature with possible snow. The last time the Giants tried to play in Minnesota, the Metrodome roof collapsed. This time, they will be in an outdoor stadium, meaning the weather will almost certainly impact the game. The Vikings will be an intriguing team to look out for this year. Teddy Bridgewater showed great strides throughout his rookie campaign, and the new addition of Mike Wallace should help him even more. This will not be an easy game for the Giants, who will have to play their hardest to win, and with a Vikings team looking to make the jump back to playoff football, it may not happen.

Vikings 19, Giants 16 (8-7)

Week 17 vs Philadelphia

This game could be for the division, but Dallas would probably have something to say about that. Actually, this game could be so many different things it is impossible to project. If Chip Kelly’s gutting and rebuilding of the team is a failure, we could see a Tim Tebow start for the mad scientist Kelly to test out the Gator in his innovative system. Or, we could see Sam Bradford trying to lead his team back to the playoffs. Either way, I see the Giants winning this one. The Eagles are such a question mark it is hard to see them going anywhere this season.

Giants 41, Eagles 28 (9-7)


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  1. Beating the Pats but losing to the Jets? I’m not so sure about that one. That would stink to lose to the Jets.


    1. Teams always do stuff like that though anyway. Like Seattle lost to the Rams but beat Green Bay, Denver and SD but lost to the Rams last season. Weird league lol. Same with Pittsburgh losing to Tampa but beating the Colts.

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