Draft Diaries: Landon Collins

The New York Giants will select with the ninth pick in the upcoming NFL Draft this Thursday. With many holes that are needed to be filled, one of them is at the safety position.

With the recent departure of Stevie Brown and our defensive and team captain Antrel Rolle to the Chicago Bears, the leadership role and position needs to be addressed.

One player the Giants should consider is Landon Collins, a 6 foot 228 pound safety from the University of Alabama, who could play either the strong safety position or free safety.

With only three current safety’s on the roster (Nat Berhe, Josh Gordy, Copper Taylor) the position needs players and talent fast before the season begins. Collins is not exceptional in any single attribute, although he is an overall explosive player who is solid at supporting the run from the deep third. He is an intelligent player who has the ability to read blocking schemes from the opposing offensive line and clog up the hole real quick.

Collins plugged into a starting position at safety would give the Giants a physical presence that is missing in the defense ever since Lawrence Taylor wore the Giants uniform.

Landon is best used at the strong safety position which fits him and his playing style perfectly but also has the intangibles be at free safety. His weight and agility can be a liability in the passing game, especially against division rivals like  Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys) and the very quick and the mobile DeSean Jackson (Washington Redskins) can make Landon work all day and could ultimately burn him in the deep third despite his pure strength and intelligent .

That is where Tom Coughlin and our staff come into play to help him shed some weight and develop more agility throughout the off-season and training camp.  He is a big physical brute but with this he can become a corner piece for our team and help excel in the future.

Should we consider drafting Landon Collins? We should, Landon draws comparison to former South Carolina Gamecock and current Houston Texan DJ Swearinger in that he plays the run very well but lacks the speed needed to cover in the deep third. Drafting him would be one piece added to help the secondary and even play linebacker in certain packages in order to rebuild. Landon will be one of the two missing pieces in our secondary and pair him up with a developing Nat Brehe you will see young rookie mistakes but after polishing their game the secondary could be back up to par.

Will the Giants take Collins that high when he is projected to be a mid 10-20 overall pick? Many mock drafts would say no, however  with only 3 safeties on the roster, the position needs attention and Collins can be that player. The Giants have been known to take the best available pick with what presents itself, but this year the Alabama grad should be selected to be a cornerstone for the secondary and add youth to a position that was otherwise filled with veterans or young developing players.

In the end, the Giants have many ways they could draft. Collins with his talent could easily come in right away and make an impact to show the Giants he is here to win it all.


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