Why Terry Collins Isn’t To Blame

The New York Mets just finished taking two of three from the Milwaukee Brewers, but prior to the series many were feeling a bit irked by manager Terry Collins and some of his in-game decision making. It so happens this all came after being swept in four games to the Chicago Cubs.

Please, don’t be the finger-pointing fan that when one thing goes wrong you hit the panic button. It’s May, people. In my opinion, I feel like this team has already exceeded expectations at this point in the season as it is.

Prior to the year, I felt as though this team was still a year away from being serious contenders considering their inexperience. That so far hasn’t been the problem at all, plus Matt Harvey has picked up right where he left off in 2013, which is a big-up for New York.

Anyway, getting back to my point, I feel as though people need to realize what Terry is dealing with before running him out of town. This season has been a mess on the injury front for this organization.

Losing Zack Wheeler was a major blow in spring training as were a ton of other injuries that followed. Imagine losing not one, but two closers? Not one, but two lefty specialists? Your starting catcher. Your best hitter. And having to start Wilmer Flores in the field at shortstop. Not to mention a lineup that is dealing with a bunch of struggling hitters.

That is the life of Terry Collins these days, and yet this team still sits atop the NL East in a division with the heavily favored Washington Nationals. I could make the case Terry Collins is the front-runner for National League manager of the year at this point based on his current results.

You didn’t hate him when they pulled off 10 consecutive wins in a single home stand, why start now? He’s been dealt a tough hand so far in this young season, and has still fielded a legitimate contender with missing pieces all over the place.

This is a long season, and losing streaks and bad play will happen. It’s a testament to this team that they bounced back after being swept by the Cubs to win two of their next three, including putting up a big 14 spot on Saturday night that heavily featured the long ball.

All I’m saying is give Collins a chance. Allow him to regain some of his more important assets before you begin to call for his departure.


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