Projecting the Impact of Hynoski

Arguably the most underrated weapon on the Giants, Henry Hynoski is set to have another big season.

The “Hynocerous”, as he’s nicknamed, is coming off an excellent season. With the fullback position becoming more and more of an unimportant position according to some teams in the league, with some teams even completely eliminating it, Hynoski is continuing to show how important a good fullback can be.

He was second in the league for fullbacks with a +6.4 run block grade, gaining him all PFF team honorable mention honors. Only ChiefsĀ fullback Anthony Sherman was higher, and he played over 50 snaps more than Hynoski. The Giants were a much better running team with him on the field.

Also, with the instability of the offensive line (especially with the recent Will Beatty injury), Hynoski could very well see the field even more. With the Giants new “big three” in the backfield with Rashad Jennings, Shane Vereen, and Andre Williams, they should look to run the ball more. Hynoski, being an excellent run blocker, should help the Giants quite a bit.

He also is dominant in short yardage situations. He picked up five first downs last year on just seven carries. While he had no receptions last year, he does have 24 over his four season Giants career in 49 game.

Not to mention, he has the best touchdown celebration in the league (sorry Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr.)

Hynoski is a true Giant at heart, saying he was pursued by five other teams this offseason but did not think twice about them. He instantly re-signed with the Giants just one day after the start of free agency, signing a two-year contract.

Henry Hynoski is one of the most underrated players at one of the most underrated positions in the NFL. He very well could have a monstrous impact with the Giants this season.


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