New York Sports Weekly Awards

Normally, we would start this post off with a hopeful, positive introduction. This week though, there is none of that. With the way our New York teams played this week, their simply is nothing to be positive about. So here we go with this weeks edition of New York Sports weekly awards.

Team of the Week: Nobody

Yes, no New York Teams were even worthy of this staple of an award. The  New York Rangers normally win this, but this week they did nothing to warrant that. The Yankees went 1-6, the Mets were 2-5, both MLS franchises lost, and the Knicks fell two spots in the Draft Lottery. What a depressing week.

Play of the Week: Martin St. Louis breaks scoring drought, scores in Game 4

It’s been no secret that Rangers veteran Martin St. Louis has been struggling mightily this postseason. He went an astounding 16 games without a single goal before this one. That would finally change in game four though. Derek Brassard sent in a beautiful pass right to St. Louis, who fired in the slap shot to give the Rangers a 4-1 lead.

Also, as an honorable mention we have to show this Bartolo Colon beauty. Long live Bartolo.

Worst Play of the Week: Carlos Beltran makes little league error, opening the floodgates to a seven run Rangers inning. 

Oh Carlos Beltran. His 3-year, $45 million deal is looking beyond terrible at the moment. The outfielder had a base hit drop in front of him, and instead of just scooping up the ball like any other outfielder, he let it roll right under his glove. This was Beltrans second fielding blunder of the week, with the first coming against the Nationals earlier in the week. He completely failed to track down a foul fly ball, leading to a walk.

Game of the Week: Rangers rebound, thrash Lightning 5-1

One of the lone bright this week was the Rangers absolutely dominating the Lightning on their home ice, winning 5-1. With so many Ranger fans and so called hockey “experts” calling for a Cam Talbot start after a strong regular season campaign, this was a huge game for Lundqvist, and he delivered.

The Rangers offense also exploded for five goals, including huge contributions from their three slumbering stars. Keith Yandle had a goal and two assists, St. Louis scored, and Rick Nash had two goals. Chris Kreider added a fifth two seal the deal on a 5-1 Ranger win.

Worst Team of the Week: New York Rangers

How could the Yankees not get this you ask? Well the Rangers are completely faltering on the biggest stage. The favorites to win the Stanley Cup have put up a disastrous week, going 1-3 and being outscored 13-7 in their three losses. 6-2 and 5-4 losses showed the blueprint to how the Lightning would attack the Rangers, while the third loss (2-0) was just an all around embarrassing loss. The Rangers looked absolutely dead in multiple long stretches this week, and now are on the brink of elimination yet again.

Worst Player of the Week: Esmil Rogers

The Yankees bullpen has been less than stellar as of late aside from Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances, and Esmil Rogers has been a big part of it. His ERA skyrocketed to 4.97 this week after taking on mop up duty in the Yankees 15-4 loss to the Rangers. He was even worse than starter CC Sabathia, as Rodgers surrendered seven runs in just three innings. Brett Gardner was quoted as calling the loss “embarrassing”. He was definitely right with that statement.

Transaction of the Week: Yankees call up Slade Heathcott

The circumstances that led to Heathcott’s promotion were less than desirable (Ellsbury’s injury) but finally giving this prospect a shot is something to be excited about. He has all the tools necessary to be a solid MLB player, now he just needs to produce, and if signs indicate, he will be doing just that as he has posted a .417 batting average to go along with 1 home run and 3 RBI’s in just three major league starts.


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