Damon Harrison: A Budding Star

The 2015 New York Jets are set to have a lethal defensive line with star players Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, and 6th overall draft choice Leonard Williams. However, the one player who is often overlooked is Damon Harrison. Given the nickname “Snacks”, Harrison is a solid nose tackle for the Jets, who always is a force to be reckoned with.

Harrison joined the Jets in 2012, and for the past two seasons has been a solid player, playing in all 32 games of the past two seasons and recording 66 tackles in 2013, and 55 tackles in 2014.

Harrison managed to be a consistent run stopper while playing on a Jets defensive line that was constantly changing personnel for different situations. Harrison also was extremely reliable as most running backs would fall fast and hard to the turf when Harrison got his hands on them. Harrison does not often get sacks, however he got his first sack against Tom Brady in 2013, and it was a memorable moment for Harrison and the team.

Harrison’s football career is getting off to a great start, but Harrison has also made an impact off of the field, as he has been able to connect with the fans in a positive way. Harrison frequently converses with fans on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter and has become a popular Jet amongst certain fans. Recently, Harrison engaged with fans on both social media platforms to try to develop a “Snacks” section at MetLife Stadium.

In spite of his great relationships with the fans, Harrison is often not talked about enough on a Jets team and specifically defense that has stars such as Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Muhammad Wilkerson, just to name a few. This is only part of the reason why fans do not discuss Harrison much, as the other reason is because Harrison is only in his fourth season with the Jets, and he is going to continue to do great things and fans will slowly start to see that he has as much talent as Richardson and Wilkerson, yet he is not a star.

Damon Harrison is definitely a New York Jet who is on the rise, and who deserves a nice contract next season, as Harrison has been tendered a one-year-deal by the Jets for the 2015 season. Next time you watch a Jets game, take a look out for number 94 and watch as he makes life miserable for teams who try to run the football.

And next time you attend a game at MetLife stadium, take a look out for how many Harrison jerseys you see (including the one your author owns) because a star is coming and hopefully this season Jets fans will start to realize that “Snacks” is for real, and he is hungry and ready to help lead the Jets back to the top of the AFC East and towards footballs ultimate prize:  The Super Bowl.


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