Nets Most Likely Will Lose Their Biggest X-Factor This Offseason

Often times, the players that have the biggest impact can go unnoticed and for the Brooklyn Nets last season Alan Anderson was a difference maker.

Anderson came off of the bench for most of the season, but when he came into the game his presence defensively and ability to heat up offensively was certainly felt.

Anderson’s statistics aren’t the most appealing but watching the game his presence is felt and more times than not he was the X-factor for the Nets. Even when he wasn’t on the court, Anderson was always cheering on his teammates and his energy is infectious.

During the postseason Anderson had tremendous success averaging 11 points per game and shooting 63% from the three point line. The Nets suffered a crushing loss to the Atlanta Hawks in Game 6, getting eliminated in front of their home fans and the die hard group of Nets fans the Brooklyn Brigade let out one last chant of ‘Anderson’ to show their appreciation of Anderson who appears to be on his way out.

Anderson declined his player option of $1.3 million next season and all signs point to Anderson looking for more cash elsewhere.

Anderson did the Nets a favor and signed to a very team friendly two-year deal worth $3 Million last offseason, but Brooklyn has a lot of question marks headed into next season and Anderson will likely be looking for more money than the $1.3 Million that he would’ve received if he accepted his player option.

The Nets won’t be able to offer Anderson as much money as other teams would be able to offer him, with Brooklyn’s main focus being on keeping Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez it looks as if Anderson’s tenure with the Nets will come to an end, unless he takes less money once more.

A player like Anderson will be hard to replace for the Nets and every team needs a glue guy of Anderson’s magnitude. Anderson isn’t officially out of Brooklyn just yet, but if he does indeed take his talents elsewhere, the Nets will lose a good perimeter defender, a volume scorer and most importantly a great teammate.


One thought on “Nets Most Likely Will Lose Their Biggest X-Factor This Offseason”

  1. Alan Anderson is an underrated player and has done a lot for the team. I would to see him remain in a Brooklyn, but I can see him walking for more money (which he likely can’t offer). Lopez and Young should remain our priorities. Anderson can be replaced.


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