Dillon Gee Designated for Assignment

A year and two months after starting for the New York Mets on Opening Day, the team has announced they have designated starting pitcher Dillon Gee for assignment.

Spending his entire six year career with the Mets, Gee compiled a solid 40-37 record and a 4.03 ERA. While Gee has never been a top of the line MLB starter, his contribution to the Mets pitching staff was consistent over the past six seasons.

However, after starting the 2015 season with an 0-3 record and a 5.90 ERA, the Mets have decided to cut ties with Gee. With young arms dominating the Mets pitching rotation and even more on the way, Gee became expendable. His departure also rules out his possible move to the bullpen and a six-man rotation.

In a corresponding roster move, the Mets have called up pitching prospect Akeel Morris straight from High-A Savannah. In 57 innings, Morris has compiled 89 strikeouts and an 0.63 ERA. Even given his domination near the bottom of the minors, it’s quite a jump to skip Double and Triple-A to get straight to the majors.

For Gee, the focus will be to find a new home in the coming weeks. Even given his mediocre to bad results this year, it’s not unlikely a team takes a chance on Gee, even with just a minor league contract.


One thought on “Dillon Gee Designated for Assignment”

  1. I don’t worry about Dillon Gee. He will land on his feet and when he figures it out, he will do fine with another team. My concern is the promotion of Akeel Morris from single A. It looks to me as though the Mets’ management team is mismanaging their pitching just like they did Isringinhausen, Wilson and Pulsipher. They don’t have a plan and when all is said and done they will burn out more arms than they will develop.


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