Does Shopping Plumlee Make Sense?

The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly shopping Mason Plumlee and looking to move up in the 2015 NBA Draft. The Nets have the 29th pick and the 41st pick in the draft and with Plumlee’s inability to play alongside Brook Lopez it makes sense for Brooklyn to see what they could get for Plumlee.

The Nets have made it known publicly that they are trying to get rid of Joe Johnson and Deron Williams via trade this offseason, but it will be difficult to unload those two due to their massive contracts.

Unloading Plumlee could be a much more bearable task due to Plumlee’s flexible contract and his upside. Fred Katz of Bleacher Report wrote an article on Plumlee on Monday and he discussed the possibility of Brooklyn signing Brook Lopez to a long-term deal which would only hurt the value of Plumlee. Here’s an excerpt from Katz’s article.

Lopez could pick up a $16.7 million player option for next year, but everyone and their mothers believe he’ll enter free agency to guarantee more long-term money. And the Nets have a chance to bring him back, especially if they’re willing to spend whatever it takes.

But what would that mean for Plumlee? If Lopez returns, wouldn’t his presence devalue the Duke alumnus within Brooklyn’s system?


So the Nets might have to go ahead and deal Mase this offseason, even if his value is low.

Plumlee is more dispensable now than the Nets believed he was when he was playing his best basketball. But selling low on someone isn’t always a negative, even if the connotation is rarely a good one.

Remember this: Things can always get worse. And re-signing Lopez could kill Plumlee’s trade value even more.

Teams were interested in Plumlee during the trade deadline last season, but at that point the Nets viewed Plumlee as a piece that they weren’t willing to trade. Now with the acquisition of Thaddeus Young and the likely big contract coming Brook Lopez’s way, Plumlee is tradeable and it won’t be a surprise if Plumlee is traded before the season starts.

Plumlee is 25-years-old and he has shown that he has potential to be a productive player in the league. There is no guarantee that Plumlee will be traded but Nets management has made it clear that they want Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez to be the faces of the franchise, so anybody besides those two are movable assets.


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