With Deadline On Horizon, Who Can the Mets Target?

The New York Mets offense is pathetic. And that is putting things nicely. If you go down the lineup, it sometimes brings tears to my eyes how awful it is, and how the front office is seemingly unconcerned.

I frankly don’t care about what anybody says about how “hard” they are trying. They are still putting out the same painful-to-watch offense every single night. Then, comes the bullpen. It actually has not been an issue for the most part. But it is slowly becoming one. The Mets need a lockdown 8th inning guy to get the ball to Juerys Familia. Bobby Parnell is not the guy and the Mets have to realize that. Same thing can be said for Jenrry Mejia and Carlos Torres. The bullpen needs help.

Honestly, I am still trying to figure out how the Mets are still a first place team. But they will not be for long, unless Sandy Alderson pulls the trigger and trades a couple of our million stud pitchers for a bat and a reliever. Here are some players they should be looking at.

Carlos Gomez, Milwaukee Brewers

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I know what you are thinking. The Mets have a cheap, long-term center fielder in Juan Lagares. But, I hate to break it to everybody: Carlos Gomez is better than Juan Lagares. I know that sounds like blasphemy. But, Lagares is not a much of a hitter. The organization has actually pointed to Gomez as the player they hope Lagares will become.

Right now, he is a streaky singles and doubles hitter who occasionally gets a hold of one. Gomez, a former Mets prospect, got off to a slow start this year, but is heating up and would probably benefit from being put in a division race and change of scenery. Both players have seen their defense hurt by similar elbow problems, but Lagares’ has been actually below league-average standards according to sabermetrics (trust me I hate sabermetrics, but they help prove my point here).

Overall Gomez is a big, middle of the order bat the Mets desperately need, and is also under control for $9 million next year. Actually, the biggest question is what will it take to get him. Some say Lagares and pitching, some say Matz and some. Now, I don’t like giving up Matz for Gomez. But, Alderson needs to figure out some way to make this happen.

Ben Zobrist, Oakland Athletics

There are few players I have ever seen that make as much sense in a trade, as Zobrist does for the Mets. He has experience playing 2B, SS, LF, and RF. He is a good hitter, and plays a good, fundamentally sound game. He had a slow start to the year, but has turned it around recently, and his performance should no longer be an issue. He is certainly better than Eric Campbell.

He is a free agent after this year, so even if he does not do that good, they are not stuck with him. He can play second with Murphy at third until Wright comes back, then can take over for one of the Mets over-payed corner outfielders and give a day off to infielders who need it. It has been reported that the A’s like everybody from Rafael Montero to AA pitcher Luis Cessa, so Alderson should be able to figure out a price. Make it happen.

SF Bay
SF Bay

Tyler Clippard, Oakland Athletics

As you can see, the A’s are not having such a good year and Billy Beane loves trading relievers. Clippard might be out of the Mets price range in prospect terms, but he is perfect for what the Mets need in the bullpen. He’s a great 8th inning guy, who can occasionally spell Jeurys Familia after Terry Collins pitches him in every game for a month. He has had a great year, so he should have multiple suitors. But that should not scare off the Mets. They need to improve the bullpen’s depth and Clippard is as good as it gets.

Starlin Castro/Jean Segura, Chicago Cubs/Milwaukee Brewers

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Wilmer Flores is awful in the field. He makes mental errors, throws the ball away, and has no range. But, his bat has to stay in the lineup. Too bad, his defense takes him out of it pretty regularly it feels like.  Castro isn’t much of an upgrade defensively (according to numbers he actually might be worse), but I think a change of scenery will do him good. Plus, the Mets match up perfectly with the Cubs.

Segura, on the other hand has decent defense and a decent bat. He is also young and controllable, so sounds good right? Too bad, it seems like the Brewers want to keep him. But, everybody has their price, and Milwaukee isn’t exactly fighting for the division anytime soon. If Alderson can make it happen, Segura would be a real nice pickup. Castro would, too.

Justin Upton, San Diego Padres

Okay, this is more than likely a stretch. Well, actually it’s a flat-out dream. But, c’mon, how nice would this be. One of the best power hitters in the game, Upton also is a .300 hitter. He may strike-out a little too much, but let’s be real: everybody in baseball strikes out too much. Sadly, he is a free agent after this year, and I doubt the Mets re-sign him. And I also doubt, he will come cheaply. Plus, it is not guaranteed he will be available. But h fits the Mets so perfectly. But then again, so does Mike Trout. Maybe Alderson should get to work on THAT.

Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies

I am sorry, I just had to do it. I have wanted Tulowitzki since the day he supposedly became available. I say supposedly because it does not seem that anybody is exactly certain what the Rockies want to do with him. But, he fixes the Mets shortstop issue, gets them a legit threat in the middle of the order, and a guy who has been, at times, right there with Trout as the best player in the game. I get it, he gets hurt a lot. But maybe, getting him out of the high air level of Colorado will reduce the injuries and keep him on the field. Either way, I doubt this happens. But I can dream can’t I?

USA Today
USA Today

Note: these ideas also come with the assumption that the Mets have owners actually willing to spend like a New York team should. But, they don’t so we have to hope that Alderson gets creative in the negotiations. *Puts head in hands and throws keyboard at computer screen.*


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