Will Mason Plumlee be Traded on Draft Night?

Draft day is finally here. Trade rumors are swirling all around the NBA and Brooklyn Nets center Mason Plumlee’s name is being discussed in rumors to try and give the Nets a lottery pick in return. “70/30” is what we are hearing are the odds that Plumlee gets traded and a comment that Plumlee made to a group of fans at an autograph signing yesterday shows that he is well aware of the rumors.

The Nets are using a package of Plumlee and their 29th overall pick in this year’s draft to try and move into the high lottery (10-14), but if needed the Nets are willing to throw in Jarrett Jack to sweeten the pot. Although Brooklyn is saying that if they can’t move into the high lottery they won’t make any trades, the latest indications are that they’ll be satisfied with any pick in the teen’s.

A trade that was being discussed last week was Plumlee and the 29th pick to the Pacers for their 11th pick and although that deal likely won’t be enough for the Pacers, Plumlee is a guy that Indiana likes so talks between those two teams are far from over. History shows that the Nets are going to make some sort of a trade tonight because it’s what they do.

David Aldridge of NBA TV thinks that the Nets may try to get out of the first round entirely. The Nets in the past have traded their first round pick for money and I can assure you that if the Nets trade themselves out of the first round for cash and no players or picks in return the hometown Barclays Center crowd wouldn’t be happy. All Nets fans would love the idea of trading Deron Williams away, but unfortunately in all likeliness that will not be happening on Draft night.

Expect the Nets to be active tonight, as they usually are on Draft night and according to this Nets fan the CEO of the Nets organization Brett Yormark isn’t hiding anything from the public.


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