Brook Lopez Opts Out of Contract

In a move that surprised no one, Brooklyn Nets star center Brook Lopez has opted out of his contract that was set to pay him $16.7 million in the upcoming season. F Thaddeus Young also opted out of his contract.

Billy King has made it Brooklyn’s number one priority to re-sign Lopez and Young this offseason. It is highly possible Lopez, who has never played for another NBA franchise is simply looking for a long term deal and that he will remain a Net next season.

It is unclear whether Lopez will chase a maximum deal, he certainly does have the talent to warrant the maximum amount, but injuries have plagued his career up to this point.

On Thursday, the Nets traded Mason Plumlee to the Portland Trail Blazers, in a move that showed their dedication to Lopez. Plumlee did not mesh with Lopez on the floor, so the Nets decided to trade him. However if Lopez was to leave, the Nets would not have a starting center on the roster and would face major issues.


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