David West Looking East With Knicks Arising as Suitors

Could David West be looking East to the New York Knicks? 

It is very possible. 

He has expressed interest and has claimed that he is New York bound after opting out of his contract in Indiana.  He is a great option for New York for the end of his career as he is a fantastic fit for the Triangle Offense. 

60% of West’s baskets in the 2014-15 season come between 10 feet from the basket and the three point line, which isn’t like the beginning of his career where he spent most of his time underneath the hoop. He has great mid-range shot where he lands 45.6% of the shots he takes between 16 feet and the 3-point line. He is also a fantastic rebounder pulling in about 7 per game last season. 

At 6’-9” 240 pounds West is a strong forward veteran who is a known leader in the locker room; an attribute that is sure to help recent Knicks draftee Kristaps Porzingis. 

shot chart david west
David West’s Field Goal percentage by location on court. For the 2014-15 season. Image as per Vorped.com
A big question mark is if he is coming to New York for the triangle, where he can thrive, or is he coming for money. 

If he expects to make more than he made this year in Indiana, $12 million, he can take his talent elsewhere because Phil Jackson made it clear when he unloaded Tyson Chandler that he’d rather invest most of his money in youth, not players like 35-year-old West. 

He would most likely get close to a veteran’s minimum contract if he signed with New York.

New York bringing David West in isn’t completely about how he plays, although it is a great fit for their system, but rather it would be for a mentor for the younger players. Someone like Kevin Garnett for the Minnesota Timberwolves is a good example. 

West will help Head Coach Derek Fisher push the Knicks into being more disciplined and better players. With Porzingis most likely staying put in Nea York, the likely signing of Greg Monroe, and the possibility of Phil Jackson re-signing Andrea Bargniani and Jason Smith as reserves, David West won’t see much playing time as he has in recent years but he will definitely be very valuable to the team off the court. 


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