Carl Hagelin and Cam Talbot Traded

After being inactive during Draft Day yesterday, Glen Sather has become very active today, as Carl Hagelin was traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Emerson Etem, and draft picks were also exchanged as the Rangers sent Anaheim the 59th and 179th picks in the NHL Draft, and the Ducks sent the Rangers the 41st overall pick in the Draft.

In addition to trading Hagelin, Sather traded Cam Talbot to the Edmonton Oilers for the 57th, 79th, and 184th picks in the NHL Draft.

This trade came as no suprise as Talbot had been on the market for the past few weeks with teams such as the Florida Panthers, Calgary Flames, and San Jose Sharks all in the mix for Talbot.

Initially, Sather wanted the 16th overall draft pick, however the Oilers would not budge and this deal was worked out. It was rumored that Kevin Klein would be included in a package deal with Talbot, but evidently these rumors were false.

The Hagelin trade comes as a bit of a surprise, as the Rangers were expected to resign Hagelin, whose great speed often provided a great spark for the Rangers. Hagelin will need to sign a new contract with the Ducks as his contract was expired, and the Rangers will need to do the same for Emerson Etem.

Carl Hagelin was a Ranger from 2011- 2015, and he will be missed by fans, who will surely never forget his Game 5 series ending goal against the Pittsburgh Penguins in overtime in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this past year. The image of Hagelin sliding across the ice in celebration  will be remembered by Rangers fans for years to come.

Cam Talbot will also be missed, as Talbot came in to help save the Rangers season and win the Presidents Trophy while Henrik Lundqvist was injured. Rangers fans will fondly look back at Talbot’s run of success for years to come.


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