Rumor Roundup: Johnson and Williams On The Move?

It has been a rumor packed day for the Brooklyn Nets with numerous trade discussions and free agency moves being leaked to the public. It’s no secret that the Nets are willing to trade Joe Johnson and Deron Williams away for the right price, Johnson is more of a realistic option for the Nets to giveaway because of his expiring contract and this morning a report came out that the Nets and Grizzlies are discussing a potential deal involving Johnson.

Johnson just turned 34-years-old and is going to make $24.9 Million next season and although that’s a massive amount of money, Johnson could be a huge help to a contender and Memphis has been looking for a perimeter scorer. Names to look out for that could be potentially included in a deal between these two teams are Jeff Green, Tony Allen, Matt Barnes, Vince Carter and Courtney Lee. Nonetheless, the Nets are determined to deal Johnson and at this point he is expected to be traded.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for the Nets also was reported about Thaddeus Young and Brook Lopez. Both Young and Lopez opted out of their deals to become free agents last week and although both were expected to sign with the Nets for more money, now it appears that other teams aren’t even going to attempt to go after them.  According to ESPN’s Marc Stein and Mike Mazzeo, rival teams that are interested in Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young are increasingly convinced that they have no chance of luring away either one away from the Nets. Brooklyn has made it clear that they want to build around both Young and Lopez, by early in free agency, the Nets are expected to have verbal agreements with both Young and Lopez.

Last but not least is Deron Williams. Williams was and still is expected to be a Net this season, not because Brooklyn wants him, but because of the fact that nobody else wants him either. Williams is due to make $43 Million over the next two seasons, but a shocking report came out today that Nets executives believe that there is a trade market for Williams out there.

It will be extremely hard to deal Williams and I still don’t see him going anywhere, but it’s worth a shot right?


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