Is It Washington’s Time To Shine?

After shining in training camp last summer, New York Giants Wide Receiver Corey Washington was a spectator for much of the 2014 season.

He caught just five passes for 52 yards and one touchdown throughout the entire season, appearing as an afterthought for the offense throughout the year.

He supposedly was struggling to master the Giants offensive playbook, and Tom Coughlin was not the biggest fan of his attitude.

The undrafted receiver has reportedly come to camp this season with a whole new attitude.

“He has had a nice spring. He has worked hard. He has had a good attitude. He has had a smile on his face. He has done most everything we have asked him to do. I think every time he has been called upon he seems to have responded.”

Not only that, but he’s continuing to impress with his on the field play. He’s an absolute playmaker, who has outstanding hands. He simply doesn’t drop passes, and he has an outstanding ability to catch seemingly uncatchable balls, like his teammate Odell Beckham Jr.

His biggest issues tend to be route running. He’s improving, but isn’t quite there just yet.

Charles Wenzelberg
Charles Wenzelberg

Even if he does continue to improve and play well at camp, their still is no promise he can make the roster. The Giants have a very talented receiving group, and the top five seem to be in place. Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Reuben Randle, Dwayne Harris, and Geremy Davis are all locks. This leaves guys like Wasnington competing with Marcus Harris and Preston Parker for the final spot. It won’t be easy, but Washington is confident with his chances.

“My confidence level is high. I am gaining Eli’ s trust and coach’s trust and he is throwing me out there with the ones, so I just have got to continue to work and keep it up,”

Washington will have to bank on the fact he is a big time goal line target. He’s 6’4 and has lanky arms. Ben McAdoo is a fan of jump balls at the goal line, so keeping someone like Washington around could be beneficial.

He’s also beginning to work on his special team skills to give him an edge. Both Parker and Harris can already play special teams, so learning that trade could give him a big advantage over the others.

Corey Washington has potential to be a great receiver in this league, and he has a chance to really succeed this season if he can carve out a role for himself on this explosive Giants offense.


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