Deron Williams Back to Home-State of Texas? Maybe.

With free agency now in session, pressure is on for the Brooklyn Nets’ front office to trade their two biggest contracts which are holding them back. Deron Williams is one of those contracts making over $40 million over the next four years. It is claimed that there is a trade market for Williams, which many people doubt.

Williams is still in his prime and the only things holding him back are Joe Johnson and Brooklyn. With Joe Johnson in New York, he has lost his position as the “Go-To Shooter” on the Nets squad so his numbers started spiraling downward when he came to Brooklyn. He also seems to be unhappy in a city environment and is more suited for a smaller-city team, A.K.A. anywhere other than the bright lights of New York. So many people agree, the once All-Star point guard is just in need of a change of scenery.

Who would want the 31-year-old point guard who is arguably overpaid? Here are two of the most possible options:

Houston Rockets


The Rockets may lose Patrick Beverley in Free Agency, even though he is a restricted free agent, because he is not the offensive threat James Harden is asking for in the backcourt. Bringing in Deron Williams is an “all else has failed” plan that can be a surprise benefit for the Rockets. He has no offensive pressure on him as he is neither the number one nor the number two option. The Rockets are in his home state so his morale may change significantly. This can bring back the old Deron Williams who averaged 20 points and 8 assists per game. It is a gamble, one that costs over $40 million over the next two years, but it could work for the Rockets.

Dallas Mavericks


Another Texas team is in need of a point guard after the Rajon Rondo project went up in flames. I believe that Deron Williams morale would change for the same reason it would if he was shipped to Houston. It is his home state and it is very far away from Brooklyn, which is a city that Deron Williams is arguably NOT a fan of. Paired along with Dirk Nowitzki, Chandler Parsons, and potentially LaMarcus Aldridge or DeAndre Jordan it gives him a surrounding of valuable assets and the potential to succeed once again. This would be a mutually beneficial situation if Dallas gambles on Deron’s contract.

Texas is the best option for Williams. He has the best chance of bouncing back into focus and an elite level of play. He has the best surrounding players and is in a win now situation either way, which is best for his career. Where Billy King sends him off, if he decides to do so at all, remains a mystery to Brooklyn fans as they wait in anticipation of cap space and depth. Deron Williams can very well be headed home for Texas this offseason.


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