Nets Agree to Terms with Lopez, Young

The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly come to deal with both of their big men, Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young. While the deal is not official, a source told ESPN “consider them done deals.”

The Nets and Lopez reportedly agreed to a three-year, $60 million deal. This is a good deal for both parties, the Nets locked up their franchise big man for the next three years, which isn’t that long of a commitment and $20 million isn’t overpaying Lopez. Lopez will be 30-years-old when the deal expires.

Young reportedly received a four-year, $50 million deal. At $12.5 million annually, again the Nets did not overpay Young. At the end of the deal, Young will be 31-years-old.

Both deals will reportedly include player options. The deals cannot become official until July 9.

Lopez and Young worked well together post-trade deadline last season, and it is good to see that the Nets have accomplished their number one priority in free agency in re-signing the two big men. Expect the Nets now to turn to trading Joe Johnson and/or Deron Williams, and attempting to get younger and more athletic.


4 thoughts on “Nets Agree to Terms with Lopez, Young”

  1. With Lopez and Young finally locked up, it should be interesting to see how the Nets approach the rest of free-agency. I think the team overpaid a bit for Young (market value was around $9-10/year). I love the Lopez deal because it gives the team flexibility if he gets injured. If healthy, we all know Lopez is capable of being the best center in the league.


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