Second Installment: Unsung Heroes of the 2015 Jets

On this second edition, the focus will be on three players who have been with the Jets throughout the duration of their careers.

The first player is Nick Mangold, who was drafted in 2006 from Ohio State. Mangold has been the Jets center ever since, missing very few games and he has been simply phenomenal ever since. Mangold has won many different awards in his career, including being voted to the All-Rookie Team in 2006, and being a six time Pro Bowl player, every year from 2008 to 2014, with the exception of 2012.

USA Today
USA Today

Mangold was also voted an All-Pro from 2009-2011, as he was the leader of an offensive line on teams that had elite running games. Mangold plays when he is hurt and he always does whatever it takes to help the Jets win. Mangold never complains or rips players or coaches and he is the consummate professional. Mangold deserves to be more recognized by fans and talked about as an elite player on this Jets team.

The next player is D’Brickashaw Ferguson who is a left tackle for the Jets. Ferguson was drafted in 2006 and although he has not been voted an All-Pro and went to the Pro Bowl in 2011 as a replacement player, he has still been extremely reliable on the offensive line.

Ferguson rarely ever gets beaten by opposing defensive ends and linemen, and has started in every game since his rookie season. Ferguson is often forgotten about with Nick Mangold leading the way on the offensive line, yet Ferguson has been just as consistent as Mangold, and needs to be more appreciated, as he plays a pivotal role in the Jets success.

The third player is Jeremy Kerley, who has been a Jet since 2011, and has starred as a receiver and a punt returner for the Jets. With receivers such as Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall on the Jets, Kerley may now be overlooked on the Jets offense. However, for the past few seasons, Kerley has been looked upon to be a leader on the Jets in the receiving core and Kerley has had moments where he has shined.

USA Today
USA Today


Where Kerley’s true value comes in is on third down, where Kerley often times is able to slip past defenders for a first down, in a similar way to Wes Welker. Kerley is primed for his best season ever now with weapons such as Decker, Marshall, Jace Amaro, and Devan Smith on the Jets. Defenses will not be able to put their top players on Kerley and Kerley has the elite talent to shake past defenders for big plays and first downs.

As the 2015 Jets season comes closer, look for Nick Mangold, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, and Jeremy Kerley to be consistently excellent players on a team with championship aspirations.


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