Shane Larkin Agrees to Deal with Nets

At around 3 pm on Thursday afternoon, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that former Knicks point guard Shane Larkin has agreed to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets. The deal is worth $3 million over 2 years.

Larkin played in 76 games for New York last season, starting in 22 of them. He doesn’t shoot the ball well, posting a 43% field goal percentage last season, including 30% from behind the arc. Larkin doesn’t play particularly good defense either, putting up a defensive wins shares of just .9 last season.

His best attribute is passing, racking up 4.5 assists per 36 minutes. Aside from that, his speed and athleticism made him attractive to teams when coming into the league.

It’s an interesting move for Brooklyn. We can only assume that another deal to trade one of the other three¬†point guards on the roster, Deron Williams, Jarrett Jack, and Steve Blake, is already on the table.


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