Steve Blake on His Way Out of Brooklyn?

Steve Blake, who was acquired in the trade that sent Mason Plumlee to the Portland Trail Blazers, has an uncertain future in Brooklyn. On Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets held a press conference for all of their signings of the offseason: Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young, Shane Larkin and Thomas Robinson.

Ryan Boatright was unable to make it to the conference, as he is currently playing for the Nets’ summer league team in Orlando. Wayne Ellington was not present as his deal has not been signed, but one face was missing, Steve Blake. What does this mean, quite possible that Steve Blake could be on the move.

Currently, the Nets employ five point guards on the roster in Deron Williams, Jarrett Jack, Larkin, Blake and Boatright. Out of those five, Boatright is currently on a deal with only $75k guaranteed, but is currently showcasing his talent down in Orlando. The most obvious face to go out of the five would be Blake, who doesn’t fit with the Nets’ new initiative of becoming young and athletic.

Another important outlet to look at is Blake’s Twitter feed. His last basketball related tweet is from after he picked up his player option with the Trail Blazers.

Normally a player would tweet about their new team when they are traded, but Blake didn’t. This could mean nothing, or it could mean that Blake was unhappy about being traded.

If the Nets did decide to cut ties Blake his trade value is minimal. It is highly possible that Brooklyn would waive Blake, or potentially trade him for a second round pick to a team that is looking for a point guard off the bench.

In the Nets’ point guard rotation, it seems like Blake is the odd man out, so don’t be surprised if he is on a different roster for the season opener.


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