First Impressions: Angelino

Angelino made his first appearance for New York City FC against Toronto FC, coming on to start the second half, replacing Kwame Watson-Siriboe, who performed poorly in the first half. The Manchester City youth product, did not start the game due to injury concerns, but appeared healthy during his 45-minute stint.

With Chris Wingert moving to center back, Angelino was free to take a few risks on the left-hand side, and he did just that. Angelino did not hesitate to join the attack, and maybe his biggest contribution to the game was his through balls that led to scoring chances. In the 60th minute, Angelino sent a through ball into the area in front of the goal, and that ball found David Villa, who just missed.

Angelino also excelled in drawing fouls, using his pace to force his defenders into mistakes, he was not afraid to be physical with his opponents. The Spaniard’s positioning was also a strong aspect of his game. Angelino joined the attack, but almost always made his way back on defense, and did not stray away from the left-hand side of the field.

In the 88th minute, Angelino had a crucial tackle, that halted Toronto’s attack. Wingert was not positioned correctly, but Angelino used his pace to cover for Wingert.

However, Angelino’s debut was not perfect. For no fault of his own, Angelino’s height works against him when going up for aerial battles. Matched up against Robbie Findley, Angelino lost aerial battle after aerial battle, and that almost proved costly in the 90th minute, where Toronto had a real chance after Angelino lost the aerial battle.

Angelino’s decision-making and IQ on the field also will need to improve. He made a few mistakes, including falling for an offside trap in the 70th minute, but as did most of his game, after the 75th minute his decision-making improved and Angelino looked much more comfortable on the field.

While his debut was not perfect, these 45 minutes showed that Angelino can be an impact player for NYCFC in their playoff push. Angelino is a much better option at left back than Chris Wingert for NYCFC, and he brings something to the table that NYCFC lack: pace. Expect to see some big things from the Spaniard, along with a few mistakes on the way.

On a side note, check out these skills from Angelino from before the game.



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