Going Into The Second Half, Rodriguez Will Prove To Be Vital

Designated Hitter Alex Rodriguez is having a comeback year with the New York Yankees. Rodriguez is staying out of trouble (so far), and have been one of the few reasons the Yankees is leading the American League East division.Rodriguez has 16 home runs this season, and he moved into fourth all-time in Home Runs (once held by Willie Mays). Rodriguez has batted an average of .280 at times this season. Rodriguez is also second in American League history with the most Runs Batted in (RBI). He achieved 3,000 hits for his career, becoming the second Yankee to do so (Derek Jeter).

Rodriguez has been teaching the young players on the Yankees some good tips on playing the game. So everybody is now wondering, what does the second half of the season hold for Rodriguez? Personally, I hope that Rodriguez continues to prove all the doubters wrong, and help lead the Yankees into the postseason for the first time in three years.

There is no doubt that the Yankees and Rodriguez would like to see this season end with some playoff action. At least he and the Yankees have settle there dispute on the milestone bonuses. Rodriguez and the Yankees will donate the bonus to charity which is a good thing for both parties involved. There is still the dogs days of summer to get through, and the wonder is when is Rodriguez is going to do something wrong?

My hope is not this season, now granted its a long season and still plenty of baseball to play. Every team in the American League East still has a shot at winning the division (as of the All-Star break). Alex Rodriguez has a chance to do right by the Yankees and lead them to a title. I believe it would be the greatest story this year in sports.

Also, the best thing at the moment for Rodriguez?

no injuries so far.

The Yankees are not the best team in the American League East, but they have been the most consistent all season long. Mostly due to the great play of Alex Rodriguez, and the bullpen has given them great strength up the middle. They have won their fair share games that they had no business winning at times. It shows the mark of a true champion in my opinion.

Alex Rodriguez has won some new fans this season, after burning them in the past with his antics. Rodriguez’s PED use is well documented and that is why he served that season long suspension last season. I believe Alex Rodriguez has learned his lesson, once and for all. I definitely look forward to the second half of the season, and for Rodriguez to continue proving everybody (who doubted him) wrong.

So what is the end game for Rodriguez in the 2015 MLB season? I believe he will surprise a lot of people in baseball, and lead the Yankees to the postseason for the first time in three seasons. Rodriguez will need to prove that he is postseason worthy after the last playoff outing vs. Detroit in the ALCS.


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