Jarrett Jack: The Brooklyn Nets New Leader

While Deron Williams was a member of the Brooklyn Nets he was considered the franchise player and some thought of him as the team’s leader. With Paul Pierce’s comments about Williams last year basically bashing his lack of leadership and determination to win, that told the public how most players felt about Williams, but still he was looked at by some as a leader and now with his departure that void will need to be replaced.

Jarrett Jack is a 10-year NBA veteran who will now be asked to be the Nets starting point guard next season with Williams departure. Jack already is showing a great sign of leadership this summer as him and Joe Johnson traveled to Las Vegas to help support the young guys who are representing the Nets in the summer league.

“Joe and I flew in last night. Going to mix in and help these young guys figure it out. Going to lead with my actions.” – Jarrett Jack

Jack is known around the league as a great leader and although he’s not the most well known player in the NBA, Jack knows what it takes to be successful on this stage. Jack has been a successful backup point guard for quite sometime now, but Jack is ready to be the Nets starting point guard this season if that’s what is asked of him.

League MVP and NBA Champion Stephen Curry has become an instant superstar this season. Curry was asked what leader he learned the most from and this is how he responded. “The leader I learned from the most? Probably Jarrett Jack has a big influence when he was here.” Curry said.

Jack was Curry’s backup at one point in Golden State and Curry’s praise for Jack shows how great of a leader Jack truly is.

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Jack has one year left on his contract and with the Nets likely pursuit of Mike Conley next summer, it is unknown if Jack will return next season, but for this season, Jack is going to be the guy that helps mentor all of the rookies and that’s a role that Jack enjoys playing. The Nets have transformed from a team full of veterans to a team full of youngsters with tons of potential, so this season is more about developing the young players then making a splash in the postseason, but according to Billy King the goal is still to make the playoffs.

The culture in Brooklyn has changed drastically in one offseason. The Nets now only have three players over the age of 30(Steve Blake, Joe Johnson, Jarrett Jack) and the talk around town is more about the future. Every young team needs a proven leader and the Nets have one in Jarrett Jack. He has already started his leadership role in the summer league and it will continue throughout the season.


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