Who is the Face of the New York Jets?

As training camp approaches for the 2015 New York Jets, one question that fans might ponder as they watch their beloved Jets is who is the face of the Jets? For the Giants, it is Odell Beckham Jr, as he has taken the team by storm, although some may argue it is still Eli Manning. But who is it for the New York Jets? Here is a list of candidates:

Sheldon Richardson: Although Richardson is suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season for marijuana use, Richardson has taken the Jets by storm, winning the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year award, and made the Pro Bowl in 2014. Fans love his ability to rush the passer and always love when he is able to sack Tom Brady. Richardson’s confidence and his passion for winning have endeared him to Jets fans already, who are witnessing the birth of a star. But is it too premature to make him the face of the 2015 New York Jets.

Darrelle Revis: While Revis is the most talented player that the Jets have and will eventually be in the Hall of Fame, can he really be the face of the 2015 Jets after having just helped the hated New England Patriots win another Super Bowl? Revis will undoubtedly be given a similar welcome to the welcome that LeBron James received when he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as fans are thrilled to have the Jets’ biggest star back on the team since Brett Favre in 2008.  Revis will be the unquestioned leader of the Jets defense but is he the face of the team?

Nick Mangold: While some fans may argue that an offensive lineman should not be the face of a franchise, Mangold personifies the average Jets fan, someone who is tough, loyal, and who comes to endure pain and suffering without simply giving up and leaving. Mangold is the perfect player for New York because he does his job and does not do anything negative either on or off the field to cause Jets fans to sour on him. Mangold is in the conversation with Kevin Mawae for the best Jets center ever, but is he really the face of the 2015 Jets?

David Harris: A career Jet player who is always in the middle of a tackle, and who is similar to Nick Mangold in that he never misses games and is always giving his best effort even during some God awful seasons. Harris will retire a Jet and has brought the toughness, continuity, and leadership that Mo Lewis brought in the early 2000’s. But, is Harris really the face of the 2015 Jets when he is so under the radar among the fans and the media?

Geno Smith: While some fans may be surprised by this, Smith is the pilot of the Jets, and the smoothness of the flight of the season depends on his performance. Geno has been very inconsistent, and the fans have soured on him, but if he has a solid season this year, the Jets may meet their high expectations. Geno Smith has ended the last two seasons very strong, but can he put together a strong season from start to finish? That is the question that defines the 2015 Jets.

This is a list of a few candidates who are the first players who come to mind. Cast your vote by commenting below, and give your reason for who the face of the 2015 Jets is. You can also vote for a player who was not on this list. The votes will be tallied and at the end of the week, the Face of the 2015 New York Jets will be determined by the fans.

My vote would go to Geno Smith, who would narrowly beat Darrelle Revis simply because Smith holds the Jets’ season in his hands, and the quarterback position is the most scrutinized position in sports.


One thought on “Who is the Face of the New York Jets?”

  1. Mike Maccagnan should be the face of the franchise and he holds the current and future of the franchise in his hands.


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