Nemec Needs To Go

Adam Nemec has disappointed during his time with New York City FC after coming on a free transfer from the German side Union Berlin. Nemec was brought in to be David Villa’s running mate, using his 6’3 frame to score headers and overpower the opposing defense.

These expectations were set, and Nemec is currently limited to a reserve role after his poor form during the early parts of the season. On the season, Nemec has started eight games and played nine, totaling 594 minutes on the field. In that time, the forward has registered zero goals in his time with the club.

Nemec has been consistently awful during his entire stint at NYCFC. He has had terrible misses and overall struggles to control the ball. Nemec’s days look numbered in New York with the emergence of Patrick Mullins and Khiry Shelton close to returning from injury, along with Villa, NYCFC’s striker depth is strong.

Not only is Nemec handicapping NYCFC on the field, he is doing so off of it as well. NYCFC recently had a transfer blocked by the MLS for South African center back Tefu Mashamaite. The move was blocked because NYCFC had filled all of their international roster spots. Nemec, a Slovakian, is currently occupying one of the international spots.

To add on, NYCFC have shed at least one player, as their roster is currently standing at 29 players after the signing of Jefferson Mena. The MLS limits all rosters to 28 players.

Nemec came on a free transfer to NYCFC, and there is definitely a market for him. A MLS team in need of a striker, a NASL side or maybe even a lower division European team would be interested in Nemec’s service, and while the fee wouldn’t be massive, it would be something and NYCFC would open up an international roster spot for the future.

In addition to Villa, Mullins and Shelton, Tony Taylor will be back with NYCFC next season, and while it is a small sample size, Kwadwo Poku impressed against the Cosmos when he played striker.

There is simply no reason to keep Nemec around past this transfer window, he is hindering NYCFC both on and off the field.


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