NYCFC B Team Good Idea?

Rumors have spread social media this week that New York City FC are planning to create a “B” or second team. Will it be a good idea and is it even possible? We’ll take a look into the possibilities of a NYCFC B team, and the team’s long term strategy.

NYCFC Watch wrote an article saying a B team, to be called NYCFC 2, will be created in the near future. This is a goal of the club for next season, and it could have interesting implications for the NYCFC squad. Because the team is young, anyone’s position in the squad is up for questioning, especially the erratic defense. Under MLS rules, NYCFC have to limit their squad to a 28-man roster. NYCFC have also made a flurry of signings recently, and at least one cut will be necessary.

Jason Kreis, the NYCFC manager, has been changing his lineups often in his first season. Yes there have been some regular faces, but new players have been rotated into the squad regularly. This is to be expected for a brand new team, and they will be looking for players to remain in the starting lineup more frequently next season.

With NYCFC 2, there will be room for more players, as the New York team add a whole new second lineup. Sub par players in the 28-man roster can spend time developing their game to try to get back into the first team. Players returning from injury will have the chance to gain more fitness by playing practice games with NYCFC 2.

Currently NYCFC has a farm team in the Wilmington Hammerheads, but there is little movement between the two teams, and the contract between the two clubs is January 2016. NYCFC are not looking for hidden talents in the farm team currently, but they could be in the new B team. If Manchester City sign an 18-year-old talented player, who needs several years of development before playing in the Manchester City squad, he may go to NYCFC on loan.

With players like David Villa and Frank Lampard in the first team, it may be hard for the 18-year-old to get playing time in New York, at which point he could play for NYCFC 2. He would still be locally based, coached by NYCFC coaches, and in consideration for a position in the NYCFC first team in the near future.

A B team opens up all kinds of possibilities for NYCFC, and would also expand the team’s young brand. The only thing stopping NYCFC making this dream a reality, is money. A farm team costs a lot of money to create and maintain, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a team that shares owners with wealthy Manchester City.

It’s a great idea by NYCFC, and you can expect them to make advances on this front at the end of the MLS season. NYCFC are showing that they are building a team to be reckoned with in the MLS for years to come. This first year has been shaky, but with time and development of players, NYCFC should be in a stronger position next season.


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