Andrea Pirlo Press Conference: As it Happened

The day has finally come. Andrea Pirlo, arguably Italy’s most successful and established player, had finally been presented as NYCFC’s brand new center midfielder, and the franchise’s third designated player. The “Pirlo Party” finally began this past Thursday, following a brief 30-minute press conference with both the experienced midfielder, and Head Coach, Jason Kreis. Here’s exactly how it happened.


Fifteen minutes before the press conference was scheduled to officially start, it was obvious that both the player and coach shared a mutual opinion one at least one thing: Carbonated Water.


A mere two minutes after the scheduled arrival time, fans all over the world saw exactly what they wanted to see. Andrea Pirlo, walking closely behind Jason Kreis, both in a tight-fit suit, with a sky blue pin branded with NYCFC’s badge on the left shoulder. Perfection.

2:33 (Andrea Pirlo)

“Good afternoon to you all. I’ve been to New York as a tourist several times and I think that I know all the areas. I feel comfortable here.” It has been well known that Pirlo has always admired New York, and reportedly told the NYCFC board that he was ready to take a pay cut in order to play for NYCFC

2:35 (Andrea Pirlo)

“I’ve been blessed to play with some of the best champions out there. The most important thing is always the team, first a foremost its the group that is important.” Although Pirlo is well known as one of the greatest midfielders to ever grace a soccer field, he has always kept a modest attitude towards praise, and does the exact same here.

2:37 (Andrea Pirlo)

(When asked about whether he is in the right physical condition to play vs Orlando City this coming sunday) “I feel well, but we will see what happens on Sunday.”

2:39 (NYSH Question for Jason Kreis – “How much of an impact can Andrea Pirlo make to the team, both on the pitch and as a leader off the field?)

“Andrea can make a massive impact with the history that he has, and the experience that he’s had, and the position that he will be playing on the pitch; a very central role. Off the field, his experience is important and vital to what we are trying to do. As we know, in this league, its not just about what [a player] can provided on the pitch, but also off it. There’s young players that need instruction, coaching and development.” Kris makes it obvious to the reporters that Pirlo is very well valued, both for his on-the-field performances, but also off it.

2:41 (Jason Kreis)

“The training sessions that we’ve had him involved him were good. He was quite special. I would reiterate exactly what he said, it’s a day to day process, and we are not ready to make the decision (on whether he is ready to play vs Orlando). By Sunday, we are all hopeful for him.”

2:43 (Andrea Pirlo)

“Money has never been an issue for me, the most important thing for me is to play. I think that soccer is one thing, and money is another thing, I’ve always played for the love of the game.” The fact that Pirlo is ready to take such a massive pay cut, really does show his desire to play for NYCFC, as well as to live in New York.

2:47 (NYSH Question for Pirlo – “With NYCFC currently on the brink of garnering a playoff spot, what do you feel a goal for this team is in the remaining games you have left this season?”)

“Well, we still have a long time to go in the season, and as the coach already said, we have a new team. We have to turn a new leaf, and reach the play offs and I’m sure that with all the work that we are ready to put in, we will be able to reach that result.” Although NYCFC aren’t necessarily in contention to clinch a play-off spot, Pirlo remains hopeful for the rest of the season.

2:53 (Andrea Pirlo)

“Oh, yes. The passion is still there. Every time that you start a new adventure, the passion increases. In any event, if it hadn’t been so, I probably would have stayed in Italy, but that is not the case.” Pirlo declares that he is ready to fight for the team passionately.


After what was meant to be a 45-minute press conference was cut down to 30, seemingly due to Kreis’ frustration with the reporters questions about Frank Lampard, Pirlo made his way down to Pier 40, and surprised young players from Downtown United.

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