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Potvin’d: July 26th Edition

We truly have reached the dog days of the NHL calendar year: with the draft completed and the high profile free agents settling in with their new teams, there is still quite a ways to go before things pick up again in the hockey world. But even during this down period there are still a few important stories that are developing with regards to items like expansion, and so with that, let’s get to this edition of Potvin’d. Continue reading Potvin’d: July 26th Edition

How Brooklyn Will Shape the Islanders Image

By now the New York Islanders and their fans should be turning the page from the final season at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and gearing towards the team’s inaugural season at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Continue reading How Brooklyn Will Shape the Islanders Image

The New York Islanders of Brooklyn; A Brief History of Sports in the Borough

New York Islanders fans have been experiencing a period of grief over the relocation of their team. After 43 years on Long Island, 4 Stanley Cups and countless memories the team will no longer call the Nassau Coliseum it’s home. Those feelings are bound to remain for the foreseeable future, especially come the start of the season in October. For the first time in their history, all of those cheers, the tears, the laughs, the yells, will be 26 miles westward. The team that represented Long Island has officially left the building. Continue reading The New York Islanders of Brooklyn; A Brief History of Sports in the Borough

The Best To Grace The Nassau Coliseum?

There have been many great New York Islanders in the long historic time period of this franchise. Mike Bossy, John Tonelli, Pat Lafontaine, Billy Smith, Bobby Nystrom, Denis Potvin, Clark Gillies, along with the presence of Ken Morrow who also happened to win a gold medal apart of 1980 “Miracle” team that defeated Finland to win it all and upset former Soviet Union. Continue reading The Best To Grace The Nassau Coliseum?

The Darkest Timeline: Viktor Hedman

We all know the history of the New York Islanders, but what if we know happened never actually did? What if Nystrom never scored that OT goal to clinch the first Cup? What if the Rangers had succeeded in their plan to financially make the Islanders existence untenable? What if the Fisherman sweaters had *gasp* been popular? The Darkest Timeline looks at these issues both important and ridiculous and asks the question; what if things had been different?

April 14th, 2009: The New York Islanders receive the 2nd overall pick in the NHL Draft Lottery, despite finishing dead last in the league standings. General Manager Garth Snow reportedly says, after receiving the news, “The results of this lottery just reaffirm our organization-wide commitment to making everything as difficult as possible for Islanders fans.”

Continue reading The Darkest Timeline: Viktor Hedman