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Is Eli Manning a Hall Of Fame Worthy Player?

New York Giants QB Eli Maning has proven he has ice in his veins. Whether it’s bringing a wild card team to the Super Bowl to beat an 18-0 New England Patriots or throwing the most fourth quarter touchdowns in NFL history in a single season, Manning has proven he can come up big in the clutch time and time again. Continue reading Is Eli Manning a Hall Of Fame Worthy Player?

New York Giants Season Awards

The New York Giants had an incredibly disappointing campaign this past season, finishing with a final record of 6-10 . Despite this, the team still had many standout performances, both for the negative and the positive. Here are the 2014 New York Giants season awards Continue reading New York Giants Season Awards

Giants’ Quarterback Coach Leaves For Nebraska

For the third time in as many years, New York Giants franchise quarterback Eli Manning will have a new quarterback coach.

Their current coach Danny Langsdorf, who was hired at the start of this season, has announced he will depart from New York to become Nebraska’s offensive coordinator at the college level.

Langsdorf has previous experience as an offensive coordinator at Oregon State from 2005-2010. He is one of the best coaches to ever coach at Oregon State, as four of the teams top eight yardage totals per season has fallen under his tenure.

The quarterback coach works with the quarterback very closely, working on throwing motions and other techniques to better the quarterbacks game. Langsdorf did an excellent job with the Giants this season, as Eli Manning had one of the best statistical seasons of his career, cutting down on his turnovers and surpassing 4,300 yards and 30 touchdowns.

The search for a replacement should begin shortly, as more and more openings are cropping up around the league.

It’s Time To Move on From Eli Manning

With the New York Giants sitting at 3-9 and officially eliminated from playoff contention, the question has to be asked: what happened?

The Giants weren’t planning on throwing away this season, and had full intentions to compete for a title. While those expectations were too lofty from the start, this team was simply not expected to do this poorly.

While Eli Manning has not necessarily been bad this season, the Giants have to do something. It’s time for the team to restart, and that includes finding a new quarterback.

Manning has 182 interceptions since 2004, by far the highest total in the NFL. Since 2010, he has 80. He has posted a meager 82 passer rating, which is severely low compared to other players. Aaron Rodgers has a rating of 106 with 34 interceptions in the same time span. Tom Brady with a 96 rating and 41 picks, his brother Peyton Manning with a 98 and 47 interceptions (he did miss one season but that still doesn’t explain the huge gap between interceptions), and Drew Brees with a 96 and 77, the only interception mark coming remotely close to Manning’s.

Comparing him to those players may be unfair. So what about guys in his class? Phillip Rivers has a 96 passer rating and 68 interceptions, Matt Ryan has a 91 passer rating with 61 interceptions, Ben Roethlisberger has a 94 passer rating and 47 interceptions. Even heavily criticized divisional rival Tony Romo has a 97 passer rating with 54 interceptions. He also missed 10 games in 2010, but that still does not explain the huge interception difference.

The stats clearly show that Manning simply isn’t elite, and frankly is very far from it. He has shown flashes of greatness this season, but it has been masked with a group of noticeably awful showings. His five interception performance against the 49ers lost New York a winnable game. While the offensive line was ghastly, all of his interceptions were blatant miss throws off of horrendous decisions.

Again, against the Cowboys on Sunday Night, his misfire on the goal line off the finger tips of Preston Parker changed the momentum of the game completely.

His two fumbles against the Jaguars also changed the game in Jacksonville’s favor, turning a 21-0 lead into a 25-24 defeat.

One of the key points that Manning supporters have raised was how poor the Giants offensive line has been the last two seasons. While that is very true, that still simply does not explain his continual mental lapses when he’s under heat. Instead of throwing the ball away, he tries to force it into tight spots or just throw a prayer jump ball, which usually ends in an interception.

When Manning does smartly take the sack, he struggles with holding on to he ball. He has 14 lost fumbles since 2010, on a completely unacceptable 32 fumbles.

Manning still is believed to be clutch, but he really hasn’t been in years. This season, the Giants have blown 5 games in which they were tied or leading at half time. While of course not all the blame falls on Manning, some of it has to. He hasn’t been able to lead his team back into games at all this season, and same with last season.

For now, Manning can still be effective with a solid supporting cast around him, theirs no denying that. This season is simply not his fault. Whether or not he is still a super bowl quarterback is another story, but he has shown some brilliant moments this season. A team that is a quarterback away from playoff contention may take a risk on him because of his contract being just one year, so if he fails miserably they can easily cut ties. It’s not because he just isn’t a good quarterback anymore that the Giants should move on, it’s more complicated.

Manning is going to be 35 heading into next season with just one season left on his massive contract. The Giants clearly do not have a playoff caliber roster. It’s time to stop thinking about Manning’s past triumphs and think about his current situation.

With the Giants primed to go into a rebuild phase, it might be wise to try and trade Manning for a fresh start. The last thing they would want is for Manning to retire in the middle of their rebuilding, forcing them to go on a quarterback hunt and completely erode any chemistry the offense previously had. You can’t waste any time building up a quarterback while having a super bowl roster. Now may be a good time to attempt that.

With Ryan Nassib sitting on the bench and the possibility of Marcus Mariota still being on the board when the Giants are on the clock, it is something the Giants have to consider.

It isn’t that Manning can’t compete. He’s still a franchise quarterback for now. But by the time the Giants have assembled a super bowl team, he may be 37 years old. Not many quarterbacks can win Super Bowls at that age. It may be in the Giants best interests to begin building up a young quarterback now. Similar to when the Packers traded Favre to the Jets.

Thanks for the great years Eli, we will never forget them. But as the Colts did with Peyton Manning, sometimes it’s best to move forward.

Giants Face Division Rival Cowboys on Sunday Night

Currently riding a 5 game losing streak, the slumping New York Giants still have important games to play. One of them is on the prime time stage facing the divisional leaders, the 7-3 Dallas Cowboys

The two rivals faced of in week 7, and the Giants kept it close but eventually fell 31-21. Eli Manning played well, throwing for 3 touchdowns (two to Odell Beckham Jr.) and with a shaky Cowboys secondary, he will have an opportunity to bounce back this week after a horrid 5 interception game.

The offense was inconsistent, and two Larry Donnell fumbles in the fourth quarter killed momentum. The suspect Cowboys D absolutely can be beat, but whether or not the Giants can capitalized is yet to be seen. The Giants run game struggled but Rashad Jennings and Geoff Schwartz were both out. With the return of those two, the run game should have a better chance to succeed.

The Giants defense was killed by Dez Bryant (9-158-1) and DeMarco Murray (128 yards, 1 TD). Murray seems unstoppable, and with the Giants porous run D he should have open lanes. This puts pressure on the Giants injury depleted secondary to help slow down arguably the leagues best offensive weapon Dez Bryant. It won’t be easy, but as the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers made the blueprint for, the most effective way to limit the Cowboys offense is put pressure on Tony Romo.

If Jason Pierre-Paul and Robert Ayers can get after Romo, it will greatly increase the Giants chance of pulling this game out. Perry Fewell made adjustments for last weeks game against the 49ers, and they worked very well just the offense couldn’t do their part. If both units do their job, this is a winnable game.

Injury reports
DT Cullen Jenkins Calf Out
T Justin Pugh Quadriceps Out
LB Jacquian Williams Out
Mathias Kiwanuka Knee Questionable

No big surprises there, but the loss of Jenkins and Pugh will both hurt. Pugh has been one of the teams more consistent lineman in a largely unimpressive group. Cullen Jenkins was a big body up front who could have helped shut down the Dallas run game, but will now not be available.

CB Tyler Patmon Ankle Doubtful
QB Tony Romo Back Probable

Nothing notable on the Cowboys report.

Bold predictions

Larry Donnell will have two touchdowns receptions against one of the worst teams in covering tight ends

DeMarco Murray will rush for 120 yards and a touchdown against the subpar Giants rush defense.

Eli Manning will bounce back, throwing for 300 yards and no interceptions.

Projected Final score- Cowboys 30, Giants 20

This Giants team is too unpredictable and nothing they have done in the past two months has indicated they’re ready to win.