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Lousy Hitting and “Outside-the-Box” Thinking Will Be the End of Terry Collins

St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets

The pitching is solid, the hitting is transparent. And if things don’t shape up for the latter, Mets manager Terry Collins will be made a casualty, not because of the team he has in front of him, but for believing that he can win with this team through “strategies.” Continue reading Lousy Hitting and “Outside-the-Box” Thinking Will Be the End of Terry Collins

Brandon McCarthy Signs With Dodgers

Starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy is close to finalizing a four-year deal worth $48 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

McCarthy, 31, was reported to want a deal worth $48 million and due to his stellar second half performance, he was able to cash in with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Yankees have been in contact, and expressed an interest in bringing McCarthy back to New York, but a deal could not be reached. General manager Brian Cashman have been quoted saying that he had been in touch with McCarthy over the course of the offseason.

McCarthy has a lengthy injury history, including several shoulder injuries, which can easily derail a pitcher’s career. Attaching big money to a big risk hasn’t always paid off for the Yankees, so perhaps it was a good move to let him go.

They helped McCarthy considerably in 2014. The Yankees acquired McCarthy in a midseason trade that saw Vidal Nuno go to Arizona in exchange for McCarthy who was in the midst of a horrendous start in Arizona. During his short stint with the Yankees, McCarthy went 7-5 with a 2.89 ERA.