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Fantasy Football: New York Giants Edition

The 2015 NFL season is nearing, with the first preseason game on August 9. With the season rapidly approaching, many fantasy football drafts will be conducted over the next few weeks. Continue reading Fantasy Football: New York Giants Edition

Moving On Without Cruz

The score was 20-0. It was early in the third quarter, and the New York Giants were poised to steal momentum from the Philadelphia Eagles. They decided to go for it on 4th and goal from the three. Eli Manning dropped back, and fired it to his most reliable receiver Victor Cruz. As Cruz tried to jump up to bring in the catchable ball, he immediately fell to the ground and grabbed his knee. Everyone knew something was up at this point.

Shortly after, the Giants worst fears were confirmed. Cruz would be out 6 months with a torn patellar tendon, ending his season. A torn patellar is not a simple procedure either. It is a complicated procedure that often can take away explosive play ability from a receiver upon their return to the playing field.

“How well he does depends on a number of factors,’’ Dr. James Gladstone, Co-Chief, Division of Sports Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, told The Post on Monday. “He could get back 100 percent, but it’s also possible if he doesn’t get his range of motion … there are a lot of variables that go into being in top form. If for whatever reason those don’t come back then he wouldn’t be.’’

“It’s generally not a common injury,’’ Gladstone said. “It certainly happens and we know a lot about it, but it’s not common.’’

The surgery, Gladstone said, takes 1-2 hours depending on the severity of the tear.

“The idea behind the surgery is to create a whole tendon again,’’ he said. “The surgery is not too bad. It’s really the recovery. You can’t affect biology. You have to let the tendon heal back to bone. It takes a good six weeks for it to heal. That’s just the healing part”

The injury was a very chilling moment for all viewers. The photos speak for themselves.

Giants and Eagles players alike take a knee after a scary injury to Cruz.
Bleacher Report

Despite losing one of the best receivers in the game for the remainder of the season, as well as losing to a divisional rival in embarrassing fashion, the season is not over. Their isn’t time to grieve and pity over Cruz’s injury as the Giants face a pivotal divisional matchup against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Cowboys currently sit on a 5-1 record, with the potential to take the NFC’s top record if they defeat the Giants on Sunday. With Cruz gone, the Giants will need to take on the next man up mentality.

Reuben Randle will be the teams marquee receiver right now. He currently has 28 receptions for 247 yards and two touchdowns. Randle has mainly been a short yardage and red zone target, with only one catch of over 20 yards. That is one thing Cruz excels at that Randle lacks.

The Giants could also have issues finding somebody to take over as the slot receiver. Jerrell Jernigan was the teams only other player who had lots of experience coming out of the slot, but he also is done for the year with a foot injury. The speedy Odell Beckham Jr played some slot at the college level, but none yet at the NFL level. Preston Parker and Corey Washington also could be handed the tall order, but Parker has ball security issues and Washington has not recorded a single catch this season.

Tight ends Larry Donnell and Adrien Robinson also could be inserted into that position, as they could create matchup issues with their size and speed.

Depth will also have to be addressed. Jullian Talley has been called up to the roster from the practice squad, and Kevin Ogletree worked out at the Giants facility Tuesday and was signed Wednesday. He was cut by the Detroit Lions after week 2. He had 21 receptions for 266 yards and two touchdowns last season. His most notable performance was against the Giants in 2012, where he recorded 1 catch and 2 touchdowns.

One thing the Giants really can not replace with the loss of Cruz is his presence in the locker room. He was a team captain and a vocal leader of this team, somebody always demanding 100% from himself and his teammates.

While replacing Cruz will be a tall order, the Giants have to reluctantly move on and prepare a game plan to get back in the NFC playoff race.

McBride Done for Year, Ogletree Signed

The New York Giants suffered a huge loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and the game wasn’t the only thing the Giants lost. Victor Cruz tore his patellar tendon in his knee in Sunday nights loss on a non contact play while going to catch a touchdown pass from Eli Manning in the back corner of the end zone. He was carted off the field crying knowing the severity of the injury. Continue reading McBride Done for Year, Ogletree Signed